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Patient Spotlight!

DSC_0228Peregrine Falcon #16-737

Admitted: 08/23/16

From: Found in an orchard/Jackson County

Injury: Trauma; Large bruise on right wing with swelling

This Peregrine Falcon was admitted to our Wildlife Hospital on the morning of August 23rd. Animal Care staff did a thorough examination and found severe bruising on the right wing. The falcon was treated for inflammation and pain, as well as having a tail sheath to protect her tail-feathers. Raptors in rehabilitation have a tendency to thrash around, and the splint will protect her feathers from breaking. She was very active when she arrived, and her energy has stayed level (as well as her appetite!), which is an excellent sign.

DSC_0124 DSC_0133
Animal Care & Education Team Lead Cory performs an initial evaluation of falcon’s injuries and condition  Peregrine Falcon had severe bruising and swelling under right wing, preventing her from flying


Once her wing has healed fully, she’ll be ready for conditioning to get back to the wild. Once we are sure that she is flying as well as she used to, she’ll be released back into the wild!

Peregrine Falcons are a vulnerable species (one that is likely to become endangered without improvements made to its survival and reproduction circumstances) in Oregon (Take a Look at the full list for Oregon). The use of DDT was detrimental to their populations, thinning the shells of their eggs and leaving them unable to rear young. Captive breeding programs and protective legislation took them off the endangered species list, and kept them from extinction. The introduction of the captive bred animals is what led to color variations in our population – which would explain the dark morph of this falcon!


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