Animal Adoption

” A place where wild things arrive for a helping hand and leave having given us the ability to understand.” -Dave Siddon

Denise Pictures 157Wildlife Images Rehabilitation & Education Center is home to many animals that are unable to be returned to the wild. Each of these animals act as ambassadors, teaching children and adults about the beauty of our native species, the importance of conservation and ways to be a responsible steward of our natural world. 


Hundreds of animals are brought to the center that require not only food and shelter, but often require specialized care including medicines, x-rays and surgery. You can support the efforts of Wildlife Images by adopting one of our animal ambassadors. Your contribution at any level will make a difference not only in the life of your chosen animal, but also in the lives of the animals served by the center throughout the year.

Adoption levels

All adoption levels receive a certificate of adoption and an ‘interesting facts’ sheet about your chosen animal.

$25 Receive all of the adoption benefits listed above.

$50  Receive adoption benefits plus a custom designed Wildlife Images bracelet, mailed with your adoption packet.

$100 Receive adoption benefits plus a photo and a one year Individual Membership.

$250 Receive adoption benefits plus a photo and a one year Dual Membership.

$500 Receive adoption benefits plus a photo, a one year Household Membership and an opportunity to be “Keeper of the Day.”

$1,000 Receive adoption benefits plus a photo, a one year Household Membership to Wildlife Images an opportunity to be “Keeper of the Day” AND a personalized animal encounter when you tour the center.

$2,500 Receive adoption benefits plus a photo, a one year Household Membership to Wildlife Images, an opportunity to be “Keeper of the Day,” a 4 x 6 Stepping Stone AND a wine and cheese party for 8 at the center during your adoption year.

All of our resident animals can be adopted!

Below is a list of our wildlife ambassadors, choose one for your adoption and provide much needed support! 

– The Birds –

Bald Eagles – Defiance, Ms. Jefferson, Squeaky and Haggis     Golden Eagles – Duchess and Phoenix

Red-Tailed Hawks – Beauty and Cazadero     Ferruginous Hawk – Sage

Great Horned Owl – Buddy     Augur Buzzards – Augie and Beruti

Eurasian Eagle Owls – Kokoro and Huukajaat    Western Screech Owl – Van Gogh

Barn OwlPetri     Kestrels – Jackson and Jill                     

Peregrine Falcon – Chase     Black Vulture – Solomon

Turkey Vulture – Aurora     Sandhill Cranes – Niles and Daphne

Sacred Ibis – Pinnochio and Geppeto     Crow – Obsidian

Ravens – Onyx and Hamlet   Eurasian Tawny Owl – Boris

– The Bears –

Brown Bears – Kodi and Yak     Black Bears – Yogi and Mr. Boggs

– The Cats –

Cougar – Brady     Bobcats – Rufus, Shoshoni, Patrick and Mariah   Eurasian Lynxes – Taz and Lena

– The Wolves and other Canines –

 Gray Wolves – Argo and Kelsey     Gray Fox – Carson

–  The Weasels –

Badger – Nubs     Ferret – Peanut     River Otter – Nestle     Skunks – Kimmie, Scratch and Sniff

-The Procyonids-

Raccoon – Ruby     White-nosed Coatimundis – Baby and Calyx    Cavies – Cavy Family(5), Zara and Inti

The Rest of the Bunch –

Flying Squirrel – Puddin  Chinchillas –  Jack and Oliver    Sugar Gliders – Sprout and Draco

Blue-Tongued Skink – Penelope    Black Pine Snakes – Elvira and Bones

Milk Snake – Vanna    Giant Day Gecko – Samson

Ball Pythons – 8 Ball and Cue Ball    Chinese Water Dragon – Charlie

Bearded Dragon – Speedy    Box Turtle – Darwin

Desert Tortoise – Thomas    Sulcata Tortoise – Smeagol, Ollie

Nile Monitor – Steve

Tarantula – Rosa   Whip Scorpion – Indy    Emperor Scorpion – Emperor


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Questions about our adoption program? Contact us at 541-476-0222.