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Ferndale High School Class of ’16

Amy has great experience from her high school activities through the FFA Veterinary Science Team and her work in dog shows. Her dream is to become a veterinarian




University of New England Class of ’18

Carolyn is pursuing a degree in Animal Behavior, which she wants to use to go into conservation, education or animal care. She’s currently the Animal Care Supervisor of the biology labs at her school, and had already completed a wildlife internship before she came to Wildlife Images.




University of Portland Class of ’16

Chloe finished up her degree in biology this Spring, and came to Wildlife Images to get some more hands-on experience. Her goal is to become a zoo keeper or wildlife rehabilitator after she finishes graduate school.





Rogue Community College

Destiny was already a volunteer here before she took on an internship. Coming from a background in the medical field, she had a lot of practical health knowledge that was applicable to animal care. Her next step is to attend veterinary technology school.




Portland State University Class of ’17

Emily is working towards her Environmental Science degree(after completing her AAOT degree in 2015) and intends to go into wildlife care or medicine. She is currently an airman in the United States Air Force Reserve, and was awareded Airman of the Year in 2015!



Brigham Young University-Idaho Class of ’16

Hailie received her degree in Wildlife Ecology before starting her intership with Wildlife Images this August. From here she wants to go into preservation of wildlife and natural resources – particularly wild cats.




Brigham Young University-Utah Class of ’17

Isabell interned at an animal hospital and took class in veterinary technology before changing her field to wildlife. She is working on a degree in Wildlife and Wildland Conservation, and intends on going into wildlife conservation.




Okayama University Class of ’12

Koko earned her Master’s Degree in Molecular Biology before going to work at an environmental conservation company working to protect hawk habitats in Japan. She chose this internship as a way to broaden her knowledge of North American wildlife. In addition to her intern duties, Koko also works as a tour guide!




Humboldt University Class of ’17

Lacy has one semester left in her Wildlife Management and Conservation degree! This is her second internship with Wildlife Images, in addition to volunteering with us on school breaks and an internship at the California Wildlife Center



Franklin & Marshall College Class of ’17

Theannah is an animal caretaker at Franklin & Marshall College, where she is pursuing a degree in Biological Foundations of Behavior, with an emphasis in Animal Behavior. Originally her aspirations were veterinary, but she has since re-directed to wildlife rescue and rehabilitation.