Goodbye, Chase


The animals we care for become part of our family. Losing a family member is a solemn occasion, but an opportunity to reflect on good memories as well. We are saddened to inform all of our supporters, members, followers and friends that the beloved peregrine falcon, Chase, has passed away.

Chase was already an adult when she came to us with a severely fractured wing, damaged beyond the point that she would ever fly again. In December 2003, Chase became a resident of our center and found her forever home. These past 13 years, Chase has flourished as an animal ambassador and was a favorite on outreach programs. Her role as an animal ambassador was particularly unique and special, as peregrine falcons were an endangered species across the country for many years, and continue to be a vulnerable one in Oregon.

Having already reached adulthood before she came to us, we know only that Chase lived to be at least 15 years old – we will never know her true age. We will miss her more than we can say, and hope that we honor her memory by continuing to save wildlife in need and teach about the importance of conservation here at home and across the world.

Thank you Chase, for everything you have given us, and all that you have taught us. You will live on in the hearts of all that knew you.