Wildlife Institute Grants Pass OregonWildlife Images’ Wildlife Institute Project is an effort to expand our already successful educational programs to an even broader spectrum of participants. This goal will be accomplished in three distinct phases.

Phase 1 | Open Campus Project 

The Open Campus Project will increase access for the community to our living laboratory for Wildlife Education.  The Project includes construction of two outdoor classrooms and numerous small projects that improve the ability of students and visitors to move around Campus at their leisure.

The Open Campus Project has the potential to increase the number of Summer Camp students from 81 to 404 and increase the number of visitors to our campus from 20,000 to 40,000 by the summer of 2015.

Phase 2 | Living Lab Project 

Between 80 and 100 volunteers help support our operations. Volunteers and interns are exposed to the most advanced learning that occurs on campus including animal husbandry and medical care, enrichment, public programming and handling training. Volunteers in all phases of life contribute over 17,000 hours of work every year.

Up to 10 college student interns live on campus during summers when they perform advanced practical training in our clinic.  This phase of the project will formalize much of the training that our Volunteers and Interns do while continuing physical improvements to the campus that will expand our capacity to serve.

Phase 3 | Institute for Science 

With new facilities and infrastructure in place Wildlife Images plans to make it’s living lab available for learning year round.  An education building will allow us to offer classes and other programs during winter months while also modernizing our clinic and lab facilities.

During this phase, Wildlife Images will begin formal training in partnership with schools and universities. Research and for-credit classes for high school and college students will open career pathways for the residents of Southern Oregon.